giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

Lettera in inglese all'amica Ruth

Dear Ruth,
How are you ? We are ok ! How are you daughters? Are you ready for  xmas? Because of this we want to give you a message of love.
If you come in Italy you’re welcome! We wish you a Merry Xmas and we send you a big hug.
Giovanni says: you are beautiful and nice.
What’s your address?
Franco says: have you got a Xmas tree? Can you find khaki in England?
Alessandro says: thank you Bronwen for peeling chestnuts and I’d like if you could do it again.
Roberta says: how old are you?
Marco says: dear girls we steell have your drawing you made. Thank you and see you soon!

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Tomaso ha detto...

Buongiorno a tutti/e, ho voluto tradurre questa lettere per capire qualcosa, bene ho visto che gli amici ci sono e che qualche volta vi fanno visita, almeno questo lo spero.
Buona serata a tutti con un abbraccio.

SFA Cooperativa Azzurra ha detto...

ciao Tommaso visto che sei uno dei nostri migliori visitatori sei invitato alla nostra sede per conoscerci, se uno dei tuoi impegni ti porterà da queste parti o magari!! ciao a presto sul blog .

squiffythompson ha detto...

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. The Girls and I had so much fun visiting you and we are really looking forward to coming back again sometime.
Giovanni - That is very kind, I live in Broughton, Cinzia can tell you all about it as she used to live there too! Where do you live?
Franco - Yes we did have a tree, the girls made the decorations for it. Yes - do you like khaki? We have army shops that sell lots of khaki clothes. What sort of clothes do you like?
Alessandro - Bronwen would love that we have a photo of you all with the big chesnut pan in our house to remind us of that very happy day! What is your favorite food?
Roberta - I am 29 but I will be 30 in July- can you work out what year I was born in? How old are you?
Marco - I wondered if you had kept that - the girls are very happy that you like it and want to make you some new drawings - what would you like them to draw for you?
I have been working very hard lately learning to be a tattoist which is lots of fun. Rosie and Bronwen are very well having fun at school. They are going for a sleepover at a very big aquarium called The Deep - they will get to sleep next to a big tank of fish. I will post some photos if I can.
Spero che stiate tutti bene e vorrei che noi eravamo lì proprio adesso! Ma speriamo di vederti presto.
Tanto amore
Ruth, Rosie & Bronwen